Banni Embroidery is practiced by the women belonging to the Lohana community of Kutch District in Gujarat. It is one of the renowned styles of embroidery originating from the state. It is marked by its minute designs and mirror-work. Mauve, yellow and pink are the colors usually used.

Banni Embroidery is an integral part of the traditional life in Kutch. After a wedding, a bride carries to her new home garments containing this particular embroidery.

This art incorporates the shisha or mirror work. The glass is cut into different shapes and sizes and the embroidery revolves around it. The Garari Jat community does extremely minute mirror embroidery with threads of different hues and colors. Mirror shapes are cut out of a vase blown out by a mouth pipe.

The embroidery is done by the Jat community and is known for the intricacy and richness. The fabric is embellished with architectural designs and is also called Heer Bharat.

The Banni embroidery is done using the silk floss called heer locally. It is a typical embroidery manipulating the weave of the fabric. The mirrors are studded using buttonhole and chain stitch.


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