Detached Chain Stitch is also known as lazy daisy stitch. Detached chain stitch is used to create little flowers but it is a much more versatile embroidery stitch than you might first think. Detached chain stitch or lazy daisy stitch wWork in the same way as Chain Stich, but fasten each loop at the foot with a small stitch. This stitch may be worked singly or in groups to form flower petals.

Take the needle back down, but don't pull the thread through - instead, encourage the tip of the needle, and wrap the working thread underneath the needle. Pull your thread through from a forward angle, so that the loop is snug against the "throat" of your thread. Now, take your needle down, which is just outside the loop, and bring up, which is the beginning point of your next stitch. You can either encourage the needle up without having pulled the thread all the way through, or you can pull your thread through completely when going down, and then bring the needle back up.


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