Bath robes makes important bath linen accessory. It is often taken taking into consideration the other bath linen products in terms of style, color and pattern. Bath robes are embroidered with floral and geometric patterns in various embroidery styles. Braids are often used in bath robe embroidery.

Embroidered bath robes are not just for fine hotels and upscale spas. Luxuriously soft terry bath robes are the ultimate affordable indulgence and a great gift. The perfect gifts for holidays, showers, weddings, graduations or no occasion at all, are embroidered bath robes. Everyone can use one and you don't need to be exact on the size.

Embroidered bathrobes line some of the finest designs and patterns that come in a vast array of colors to meet varying tastes of people. Some common style patterns that are usually employed to adorn them include:

  • Floral and abstract motifs
  • Monograms
  • Artichoke, floral and leaf borders

With the emergence of a new generation of designers, innovative patterns of embroidery along with new styles of bath robes have been introduced. Therefore they present a unique range of items whose popularity is catching great pace with domestic as well as foreign folk.

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